Employee request form

Savard not only provides quality labor, but can also:

  • Evaluate your specific job site requirements to maximize employee strengths to that job.

  • Match applicant to your candidate criteria and allow you to make all final decisions about an applicant's employability.

  • Process all desired screening requests at NO COST to employers. Such as:

    1. Background Checks
    2. Drug / Alcohol Screening
    3. Social Security Validation
    4. Work History
    5. Safety Checks / Orientations
  • Supply personnel in a COST EFFECTIVE manner --- by allowing you to utilize workers only when needed! No excess wages paid due to down time.

Savard is on standby now to service your personnel needs anywhere in the continental U.S. All Transportation and hotel costs are included at no additional charge. No per diems required. You only pay a predetermined hourly rate.



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