Safety Focus

A commitment to safety is a requirement of each worker in the Savard database.

In fact, we demand that our employees keep safety the No. 1 priority in the field. During our 18-year history, we can demonstrate a sustained reduction in loss-time accidents and cost savings for our clients by utilizing our committed employees who are provided necessary training and personal protective equipment at no charge to our clients.

We are a member of local safety councils in communities across the Gulf Coast and these relationships provide integral training for each of our employees. They also provide us with the most current and relevant industry expectations and standards when it comes to working safe.

Savard also has on staff a full-time safety director who works in the field with our employees, and with our clients' safety representatives, to ensure safety excellence.

When we started in this business, we focused entirely on onshore jobsites. In 2001, our excellent safety record allowed us to expand into the marine industry. Since then, Savard has proudly and successfully serviced thousands of jobsites, dock side and offshore.

Not only do we train our employees on the best safe work practices, but Savard also maintains a proactive approach to managing incidents when they do occur. We take safety seriously and regularly conduct safety meetings in our offices and in the field.

Savard now requires that each and every one of its employees take our in-house safety orientation. This orientation can be accessed and completed through our Safety portal on our website. 

To learn more about Savard's commitment to safety and our industry-leading E-modification rate, please contact the office nearest you. Contact information can be found on our Locations page.