Placement Options and Process

It's no secret that to land a good job often means a long waiting period as you work through a company's hiring process.

But, Savard Labor and Marine can get you working faster.

Our process starts by the completion of a job application either here on this website or in one of our office locations. We'll immediately start to process your application and soon after you submit it, you'll be interviewed by one of our recruiters who will help us to establish which job types are the best fit for you. We'll also complete a background check, inquire into your past work history and order a drug and alcohol screening. 

When we find a job opportunity that seems like the perfect fit, we'll set you up with a client interview to make sure our client agrees with our placement of you on their site. And, that's about it. As long as everyone agrees, you pass the various checks we conduct and can guarantee you'll show up every day of your assignment, on time, you'll be working before you know it.

At Savard Labor and Marine, we don't layer our application process with a lot of red tape; we'll get you working fast.